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Marmalade is reimagining the NFT marketplace from the ground up. It’s exciting and we
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Frequently Asked Questions

Marmalade is the first truly safe, fully decentralized platform for the NFT community. It’s powered by Kadena’s revolutionary infrastructure and offers higher quality provenance, shared ownership structures across multiple platforms, and no-fee transactions. While other NFT marketplaces claim to put things on the blockchain, they really don’t. Think of it this way: high quality value isn’t secure until transaction, provenance, ownership model, governance, and marketplace (where and how items were offered) are all secured. Marmalade lets you create a marketplace where communities can come together to co-invest in the things you love.

Not at all. There’s a view that NFTs are the latest speculation craze (think: streetwear drops). To move beyond that, we need to make it as easy as possible for anyone to participate. With Marmalade, you’re not just dropping a collection, you’re innovating an entirely new market and forming new communities. Crypto reshaped transactions; Marmalade marketplaces are reshaping NFTs. Drops shouldn’t just enrich creators but also empower buyers to participate in the rewards. That includes providing options for sharing value with organizations and social causes.

All you need to get started is to create an account, drop (list for sale) an item, and specify your initial terms of ownership. Note: Our Alpha launch supports rich minting and direct transfer only. Our Beta will bring full marketplace selection and discovery.

The NFT platform is at an inflection point. Institutional interest is just getting started. This is the time to innovate and get the model right. Currently, provenance, contracts and custody are not immutable; buyers enter into contracts with uncertainty about the specifics of their investment. Marmalade provides the complete toolset to unleash blockchain-secured NFT marketplaces, where any ownership structure and governance model can be safely realized on chain.

You can mint (sell) anything, from digital artworks to whitepapers. NFTs are non-fungible, meaning they’re unique and can’t be replaced with something else. If your item meets this criteria, it’s ready for prime time.

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